bridal makeup
Bridal Makeup

Your wedding day is not just another ordinary day. Even if you’re a star, you must shine brighter on the special day. Miss Cochin is waiting for that day just as you are. And we have all what it takes to make you look gorgeous and adorable.

Hair care
Hair care & styling

Your hair may be curly, fine or frizzy. Every type behaves in a certain way as if it has a life of its own. Miss Cochin understands the unruly nature of hair. And we know how to blow fresh life into it and make it smooth, bouncy and lustrous.


Your face shows and says it all. Regular cleansing is vital to keeping its glow. Miss Cochin doesn’t just clean and brighten up your face. We go deeper at the skin’s cellular level, extracting and hydrating it. We’ll give you a healthy-looking face.

beard design

Your beard may be dear to you. But beards are tricky, they can be a throwback. Miss Cochin knows the secret to all the trending beards. We’ll tidy up, line it up or stache trim, in styles that best suit your face and standing. You’ll simply man up!

body polishing

Your body is a living work of art. But thousands of your skin cells die every minute. Miss Cochin employs a special method to open the clogged pores of your skin, exfoliate and moisturize it. You’ll love your body more after our gentle touch.

nail art

Your nails shape and beautify your hands and feet. A little neglect can make you look miserable. Miss Cochin has turned nailcare into an exquisite art. Our manicure and pedicure treatments will work miracles on your fingers and toes.

dandruff clear

You know how messy it is. White flakes peppering your hair. Some landing on your shoulders. Miss Cochin understands that the itchy problem is more than skin-deep. But we’ll use the most effective techniques to clear them away.

 personal grooming

You have your private worries. Unwanted hair. Unwanted growths. Indelible blemishes. Body odour. Miss Cochin offers personalized grooming solutions and tips. We’ll help you keep your body parts healthy, beautiful, fresh and flawless.

fashion makeup

You may be a model, or a celebrity. And you have to be an epitome of fashion every time you make an appearance. Miss Cochin has a profound understanding of what’s in and what’s out in urban chic. And we’ll make you dazzle all the way.

party makeup

You have to attend parties at times. Sometimes, you have no clue as to what makeup you should wear. Miss Cochin understands your dilemma and desire. We’ll primp you up in line with the party theme. And you’ll make heads turn.